Territorial Spats Forces the Philippines to Revive its Plan to Upgrade its Defense

EVER since the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards, the Philippine-American War, World War II, up to the Communist and Secessionist Insurgents.  We always had one problem that leads to our defeat… the Lack of Weapons and Ammunition.

If you could just remember, this is one of the reasons why the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards took so long.  Even though there are only a few numbers of Spanish Military compared to the Male Population of the Philippines.  Just because of lack of weapons, the revolution took so long.  Andres and his men are always remembered holding a Jungle Bolo instead of a Rifle.  For some, this is kinda heroic because you are fighting soldiers with guns by just using a Jungle Bolo.  But for me, that is stupidity.  If they had just listened to Jose Rizal that the Filipinos were not yet ready to revolt against the Spaniards, the Katipunan would not have suffered many loss.  But that was the past, we should move on.  The Filipinos are still in the Learning Curve process by this time.

Then the Philippines declared Independence dated June 12, 1898 after kicking out the Spaniards.  But another race became interested in our lands.  The Americans.  I don’t know what their real reason when they first came to the Philippines (because Magellan, aside from Circumnavigating the Globe is also looking for a place where he could get Herbs), but some said that they want to help us to be able to stand on our own and also for other European countries not to invade us since the Spaniards already left the country.    The war was started because of many reasons, one is General Otis’s actions and attitude, and the 4 Armed Filipinos who went to San Juan Bridge and cocked their guns after being told by the Americans to halt, and other stupid reasons.  But one thing is for sure, there is only one reason why we lose, we still lack weapons to match the Americans.

And…. the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.  This is not actually a war between the Japanese and the Filipinos technically, we were just involved because we are under the Americans.  The last battle that the Americans and the Filipinos did, was the Battle of Corregidor.  And I think you know what was the reason why the Americans and the Filipinos lose this part of war in the Pacific Theater… again Lack of Weapons and Ammo.

In the present day, we have a stable government that has funds (our budget for 2013 will be P2.3 Trillion), our economy is one of the fastest growing economy in Asia only 2nd to China, and we now officially have a Military.  The Military has one primary mission, defend the country from external forces.  So this means that internal issues should just be a piece of cake, but we have been battling the insurgents since the end of World War II.

But that is not the problem now, we got a BIGGER problem.  The Chinese are now engaging us in a territorial spat.  China has the LARGEST military in the world in terms of Active Personnel, and they have the 2nd largest defense budget in the whole world.  The 150,000 strong Armed Forces of the Philippines is helpless and frustrated because they cannot perform their mandate because of the problem that we have since the Spanish-era, the lack of weapons.  What is worst? We lack MODERN weapons that can at least, counter the threats imposed to us by the Chinese.  Many Presidents have come and go, but the Military is still using their worn out assets.  Our Navy Destroyer-Escort, the BRP (Barko/Bapor ng Republika ng Pilipinas) Rajah Humabon PF-11 frigate was even used by the the U.S. in their campaign in Normandy during the World War II.  That is how our military sucked.

But this is now being worked out by our current administration led by President Benigno S. Aquino III.  At first, we acquired the former US Coast Guard Hamilton-class Cutter the USCGC Hamilton and USCGC Dallas which in turn became the BRP Gregorio del Pilar and BRP Ramon Alcaraz respectively.   But we cannot use this to deter China and stop them from poaching into our waters since the Chinese fishermen are always accompanied by Chinese FLEC ships and sometimes Chinese Missile-armed Frigates, which makes our new Navy Warships… useless.  Because our new warships only has one main weapon, its 76mm Oto Melara Naval Gun.  These Hamilton-class cutters are no match to the Missile-armed warships of the Chinese.  But wait, we are not yet done, because there is more!  Our Department of National Defense is now in talks with the Italian Government regarding our purchase of the Maestrale-class Missile Armed Frigates.  Along with the Hamilton-class cutters, these frigates can patrol our waters with confidence.  Since they can deter any incoming missile, and they can retaliate once attacked by anyone.  And they will not only rely on their Naval Gun because they can fire Missiles that can blow anything on the face of the earth.

There is so much to tell.  We now have ordered Lead-in Fighter Trainers for our Air Force that has the ability to intercept Aircrafts that are intruding our airspace, the DND is also canvassing for Main Battle Tanks for the Army, and the media has just reported that there is now an open bidding for Guns that will be given to our Marines.  But I will be giving the details on my next post.

What I want my readers to have in mind right now, is to literally support our Military.  They need us.  Lets not make the same mistakes over and over again.  We lost too many soldiers since the Spanish-era up to now, only because they cannot protect themselves because they do not have a weapon or their helicopters are crashing because it is a flying coffin.  Our government cannot allocate a budget into the Military without the proper consent and support of the people.  If we will keep on hating our Military, they will never be able to perform their mandate, which is to PROTECT US.  So lets help them in performing their mandate because it is for our own security and welfare, its and investment.  Lets not listen to those militant scumbags like the ones in the Congress right now.  That are always trying to prevent any modernization plans of the Government for our Military.

Remember, the Armed Forces of the Philippines is not the Government’s Military.  It is YOUR Military.  Support them, Trust them, and Love them.

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  1. #1 by ROLLY on September 2, 2012 - 9:09 PM

    sir..,all filipino’s praying for our gov’t., especially p-noy., nag babangon talaga ang panginoon para sa matino na mamumuno., GOD BLESS ALL.

  2. #2 by jonathan on November 13, 2012 - 1:03 PM

    god bless philippines, soon our military aquisition will come, naval ship’s with capability to fire missile in airborn target, to fire torpedoes in submarine target, surface to surface missile. jet fighter ability to fire air to air missile,tank buster and capable intercepts enemy missile. soon our army acquire some figther tank,battery trucks equip with harpoon missile anti ship missile to support our navy……. and acquire some missile defence to intercepts any ballistic missile…………….go philippine forces….. mabuhay

  3. #3 by kamotedgreat on December 29, 2012 - 8:22 PM

    mabuhay ang pilipinas!!! sana wag n natin iboto ung mga congressman na parang linta o anay s gobyerno natin.. kesa issuuhan sila ng pork barrel idagdag na lng natin sa budget ng afp.. para hindi tayo n pag iiwanan … mabuhay hukbong katihan!!!! mabuhay ang hukbong panghipapawid!!!! mabuhay ang pangdagat ng pilipinas!!!! MABUHAY ANG REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS!!!!!!

  4. #4 by gracemary on July 19, 2013 - 10:58 PM

    President Aquino’s good governance and passion to improved the military’s capability is paying off.

  5. #5 by Paz Orquiza on September 21, 2013 - 3:58 AM

    Suggestion on what to purchase for our Armed Forces: (Ultimate Weapons)

    1. M134 Gatling Gun – Lightweight, Rapid Firing (3,000 rounds per minute), Ultra Reliable and
    Dominating. This can be use for our ground, air and sea.

    2. Thousands of Sniper Rifles – This can be use to eliminate rebel forces. We have
    encountered many losses of lives from our Military as well as civilian during the Zamboanga
    incident. With Team of Army and Marine Snipers, we can minimize those losses of lives. This
    can greatly be use for Sniper to Sniper, counter sniper operations and for sniper deadliest
    mission. Let’s buy CHEYTAC USA M200 Intervention LRSS. Other Best choices – BARRETT
    M107A1, 50BMG, Accuracy International AW Super Magnum .338 LAPUA MAGNUM, BARRETT
    MODEL 99 – .416, and Accuracy International Stealth Recon Scout AS-50, .50BMG.

    3. Attack Helicopters – Let’s go for the best! Let’s buy Boeing AH-64 Apache.
    Other best choices – Bell AH1Z Viper (US), Eurocopter Tiger (Germany), Agusta Westland T-129
    or Agusta A-129 Mangusta.

    I believe that if we have this ultimate weapons, as well as our Tanks, APC’s, Mortars, Granade
    Launchers, we can fully defend our country in our internal affairs as well as from invasion of our
    country when it comes to ground fighting. Don’t just waste our money from an ordinary weapons.
    Let’s get the best weaponry. Thank you and GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

  6. #6 by Ricky on September 21, 2013 - 4:05 AM

    Yes! The Philippine Military must buy thousands of Sniper Rifles and form a TEAM OF ARMY AND MARINE SNIPERS!

  7. #7 by PINES on May 9, 2014 - 12:24 PM

    Nuong panahon ni Marcos ay nagkaroon tayo ng Self-Reliant Defense Posture program (SRDP)
    na ang layunin po ay magkaroon tayo ng sariling factory ng mga gamit ng ating mga sundalo
    tulad ng mga baril(M16), baril na pang-pulis(pistol), radyo na pang militar(walkie talkie), bomba
    (mortar bomb), fuze ng bomba, rifle grenade, bomba na pang-eroplano, rockets at iba pang gamit.
    Natupad po ito, nagkaroon tayo ng mga factory na pag-aari ng mga pilipino. Nuong panahon pong iyon ay local na ginagawa na natin ang mga produktong yon para sa ating mga sundalo.
    Ang problema po ay napabayaan ng ating gobyerno at hindi nasuportahan itong mga lokal na
    kumpanya. At ang nangyari po ay nagsara na itong karamihan sa lokal na kumpanya dahil na nga sa kakulangan ng suporta.
    Eto po ang ilan sa mga kumpanya:
    1. ELITOOL- produkto: M16 rifle
    2. VETRONIX- produkto: walkie talkie
    3. MARSTEEL- produkto: 60/81mm mortar bomb
    4. AVACORP- produkto: 40mm grenade cartridge
    5. ARMSCORP-produkto: bala ng baril at mga baril pang-pulis(pistol)
    6. CRESER-produkto: fuze ng mortar bomb, fuze ng bomba pang-eroplano at rifle grenade

    Kung sana po ay buhay o bukas pa itong mga kumpanya, hindi tayo mag-iimporta ng mga
    produktong yulad ng ginagawa nila at hindi lalabas ng bansa ang ating DOLLAR at makaka-
    tulong pa sa unemployment na problema ng ating gobyerno.
    At ang pinaka-importante po sa lahat ay ang teknolohiya na meron na tayong sarili.
    Sana po ay hindi pa huli ang lahat, meron pa pong ilang kumpanya na naghihintay ng
    suporta ng ating gobyerno, Wag po nating hayaan na mawala ang ating pinaghirapang
    teknolohiya, ang teknolohiya ng PINOY.

  8. #8 by jose gellani on July 22, 2014 - 3:01 PM

  9. #9 by jose gellani on July 22, 2014 - 3:03 PM

    this is pracical to penetrate to the danger zone without cost of our soldiers lives…cheaper.

  10. #10 by Cholo on October 28, 2014 - 8:26 AM

    Can our government make an appeal to the whole nation, it’s citizenry, the ofw’s, the rich pinoys who made it abroad, to contribute to a fund to purchase equipments for territorial defennse which they can pass a law the government will in turn provide for lFunds for the maintenance of the required projected equipments that will be bought from funds that can be raised from such an appeal to all pinoys. The Israelis did that during both wars in the 60’s and 70’s. The Pinoy administration should pass a law that anyone who will dip their hands with that fund, will be shot or stone to death in public. Cguro naman we have a sense of nationalism to contribute to such an appeal provided however that it will be used for its intended use. If it will not be successful, I guess we have no reason to complain if our territory will be simply be a part of their territory too soon. We better start learning mandarin if we will not do anything to help since probably later we will become, or the whole country will become Chinese territory too. Let’s see if the taipans of this country will exercise nationalism after making it big in this country. I thinks this is the time to realize Kung sino ang pula at sino puti. Magkaisa naman sana Tayo para maidepensa as natin ang atin. Mamili tayo mabuhay ang pinas, o mabuhay ang China.

  11. #11 by jose marie arroyo on July 14, 2015 - 4:02 PM


  12. #12 by jamu-jawa on June 8, 2016 - 6:15 PM

    Hello, after reading this remarkable article i am too glad
    to share my experience here with mates.

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