Do We Filipinos Really Want a Full-Scale Armed Confrontation with China? Seriously?

WHILE LISTENING to the Opening Theme Song of Dragon Ball, Magic Knights Rayearth, and Flame of Recca that reminds me of my Elementary Days, I was reading the post in those Facebook Pages that is related to the Philippine Military.

I have noticed that many Filipinos who are expressing their thoughts in these pages wants to declare war and kick some Chinese asses, right now.  If I know them in person, I would say, “Hey, Hey, Hey, Stop!  Can we think and talk about this first?!  Because I don’t think that you are thinking the consequences of wanting to go to war.  Especially with the second most powerful military in the world.”

I would like to quote one of the militants during their rally in front of the People’s Republic of China Embassy (they did their rally during the weekends, which is for me, questionable.  Paano nila malalaman ang gusto ninyong sabihin kung wala sila sa opisina dahil wala silang pasok?!).

He said, “We Filipinos do not hate the Chinese people, we got Chinese people who are living here in our country, who has been helping us to grow economically.  Most of us has Chinese-Filipino friends or even relatives.  So we do not hate the Chinese people.  We just don’t like the things that are being done by the Chinese government, like bullying us for them to take Scarborough Shoal.”

I hate militants, but this guy sure has a point.  He is right, we should not hate the people and the country itself.  Admit it, we are benefiting from them as well.  They just helped us on upgrading on of our major dams here in our country.  But on the other hand, I hate the bullying tactics that their COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT are doing to us.  Their actions are purely and obviously Communists moves.  I hate them, I so hate them.  But if someone will ask me, would you like us to go to war against China?  I’d say NO.

Here some of the reasons why I WON’T say ‘Yes’ if we will go to War with China, right now:

First, our Military Power right now (even though it’s being upgraded) still sucks.  You know what I mean.  Compare the 1-Million Strong Active Force of China to the 130,000 Strong Active Force of the Philippine Military.  So seriously, you want to go to war?

Second, even the United States would not want to go to war with China.  Why?  Because they are a beneficiary of China’s economy as well, just like us.  They owe China, about trillions of dollars.  If a country declares war with someone, it’s debts to the opposing country will be disabled or to grow more instead if they will be defeated in war.  So if the United States would want a war with China, they will sure prepare for it first.  Because if they lose, it will be a major slap to their faces and aside from losing many fortunes from waging war, they will still need to pay China its debts, maybe higher than their actual debt since it will be a part of the Surrender Condition if they lose.  But I highly doubt that the United States will lose.   I know that they know, that they need to prepare since China’s military is still no joke.  China even has a larger active force than the United States, but the advantage of the U.S. will be it’s technology.  It will be a stalemate if they will not prepare.  So the U.S. cannot be easily dragged by us into a war against China.  There are so many things to consider.

Even the mighty U.S. needs to prepare, why we Filipinos want to wage war right away?

Lastly, in case we go to war against the Chinese, remember one thing.  They are effing Communists.  Every town, city, province, region that they will conquer, I am sure that they will do bad and nasty things aside from shooting our soldiers down.  These includes all of the things (or maybe worse) that the Japanese did to us during the World War II like, killing babies, terrorizing villages, looting our reserves, and the worse thing that I could think of is they will rape our mother, sister, girl-friend, wife or even our very young daughter and they will make them their Comfort Women.  Do you really want that to happen again?  Let me repeat, they are Communists.  They are harsh and brutal people.  If they succeed on defeating us after waging a stupid and unprepared war against them, it will take so much toll on us more than we can imagine.

So again, do you really want to wage war against China?

BUT WHAT about if we will prepare, and think about it first?

Those things that I said earlier were the negative things that will happen if we will act like stupid people.  Let’s move on the positive things.  If we Filipinos will stand united, think the same way and think of the same thing, we will stand a chance against China.  Oh no.. China wont even have a chance against us.  We just need to prepare and not rush things.  Here, let me give you an example.

Here are some things that we could do to make sure that their Yellowish-Chinese ass would never bully us again and to win a war against them:

First, invest in Diplomacy.  I know, I know, Diplomacy is irritating.  I know some of you will say, “Stop that Diplomacy bullshit and lets go to China and kill them all!”.  What I would do, is just to laugh at you.  Did you know how many lives were saved because of Diplomacy?  Let me give you another example (if you know the whole history of the Cold War-era, you would probably know about this).  During the Cold War-era, the Soviet Union placed Long-Range Missiles in Cuba that are pointed towards the United States.  When U.S. learned about this, DEFCON-2 was immediately issued (the highest level ever issued in the United States Military History until now) that prompted ALL NUCLEAR-ARMED BOMBERS to go airborne because World War III could be a reality anytime soon.  But because of what you called the irritating Diplomacy, the Soviet Union were convinced to remove all of the Long-Range Missiles in Cuba in a condition that the Perishing Missiles of the U.S. stationed in Europe and pointed to the Soviet Union, would be removed as well.  Thanks to the Diplomacy that you hated, our parents had never seen World War III.

Second, we need to show the world that we are not beggars especially in-terms of Military Equipment.  Come on, guys.  Many of you hated the U.S. when they gave their F-16s to Indonesia instead to us.  Many have said, “The U.S. are getting so much out of us and now they just gave us a weaponless Hamilton-class cutter instead of Fighter Jets?”.  If you have an open mind and well informed about how the U.S. thinks, you wouldn’t say that.  First thing, does the U.S. really benefited from the Philippines compared to the perks that they are getting from other countries?  We even kicked their butts and their bases during the Cory Aquino-era just to appease and to make peace with the Communists!  We let these Communist a-holes to poison our minds, that’s why when I talk to a ordinary Filipino, he will tell me that he hates the United States because they oppress people, and I say “What?!”.  And whenever a single warship or a submarine of the U.S. makes a port call just to replenish, militants are already storming the U.S. Embassy acting like the U.S. invaded us.  But instead of getting rid of these Communist Militants, our countrymen even elected some in the Congress and now one of them wants to be in our Senate.  So you think that the United States will just give us what we need?  We need to prove to them that if they will give us weapons, we will not point these weapons against them in the future, just what happened to Iran right now.  What we need to do is to show our seriousness, lets just follow their instructions for the mean time.  Their first instruction, familiarize ourselves in handling modern military equipment.  They have given us the Hamilton-class cutters as a starter, so our Navy would know how to sail using a modern ship.  Then they have given permission to South Korea to bid to our LIFT needs.  You know that if U.S. doesn’t want you to be armed, we would not have any bidders at all except from Russia and the Chinese, right?  So we got TA-50s now where our pilots can train how to use Modern Warplanes.  Then they asked Italy to provide us with modern and armed semi-modern warships like the Maestrale-class Frigates for our Navy Sailors to learn how to fire modern weapons like SAMs and ASMs.  If we were able to prove to them that we are damn serious about arming ourselves, then the new and other modern equipments will follow.  But we also need to rely on our own.  We need to buy those weapons using our own money, not from Uncle Sam.  We could even continue the stalled projects of the Martial Law-era, like the Indigenous Missiles and Multiple-Launched Rocket Systems that we were trying to develop before.  We just need to support our government and not to join the militants on their rally and electing their proxies and putting them in a government seat.

(Hey, wanna know why Indonesia got F-16s from the U.S.?  As I have mentioned before on my previous posts about the TA-50, we have lost our dog-fighting and fast jet operation capability.  And once you lost it, its not that easy to get it back.  It’s just like trust.  So we need to go back to the Basics, we already have SF-260s.  So now we got pilots that can fly, then here is the TA-50 for your Fighter and Air Combat Maneuvering Training.  Indonesia, even a third world country, has retained their F-16A and Bs even they are too old and uneconomical to maintain.  This enables them to retain their skills on maintaining and flying Fast Jets.  But since we decommissioned our F-5s last 2005 without an immediate replacement, we lost that ability.  Did you know that we were the ones who trained some of the Air Forces here in Southeast Asia to fly Fast Jets?  That’s how it’s painful for our Air Force when we decommissioned our F-5s.)

Lastly, we really need to look like we are being bullied by the Chinese government and we are helpless against China’s might.  The International Community needs to see that, so that we could get their sympathy and support.  If they see that Filipinos are acting like the aggressors and even teasing China, then we will not get their support.  Remember, even we were able to complete the whole modernization of our Military, we wont win.  Even the United States will not win, if they will fight China single-handed.  We need the support of the International Community.  And how would we get that support if the observers of other countries will see our posts in our Facebook Pages that we want to go to war against China?  We will look like ruthless and stupid people and we don’t want that to happen.  Let’s stay HUMBLE, ALWAYS PRAY, and be CALM when posting your opinion in a Facebook Page.  If China will never stop bullying us even though we were trying our best to be humble, we don’t need to wage war anymore.  The International Community will do that for us.  We don’t even need to deploy one single soldier into the battlefield, the International Community will do that for us.

So again, lets stay humble.  Okay?!

“The military is not the Armed Forces of the Government, it is YOUR Armed Forces.  Support them, Trust them, and Love them.” -the Author


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  1. #1 by daryl on September 12, 2012 - 2:05 AM

    no one wins in any wars, the ones who lived pay it out one way or the other

  2. #2 by foxbat on December 14, 2012 - 3:49 AM

    On the other hand why some expresses wants to show their inability way to outburst their anger is, but for you side that you have the mentality to express and explain the reality about war is good for your side, it was just their amazing opinion to shed tears bout the bullying by china’s unpredicamented ways..for now, we have already the amazing Hamilton class cutter by our present president, have you ever imagined that if one of our former president acquired slowly all these things, can you imagined how many or you count all the good equipment to protect support the Philippines soveirgn and, are you not aware that some of out politicians are paying some of our high ranking natural bandits or npa in out homeland? or even some of your friends if you don’t mind, just take a closer look my friend…

  3. #3 by Hemraj Sheth on February 14, 2013 - 11:41 AM

    This is truly wonderful! Thankyou for making this available!

  4. #4 by susan on December 28, 2013 - 11:13 PM

    I understand how you feel and I’m an American! I truly believe that China imposes their people and their government on other countries! They come to the usa, build businesses but don’t hire any other people but their own. They only sell houses to their own people too. If you are white, they will sell it to you but they will jack up the price of the house on you just because you are white. They think they are entitled to everything! Matter of fact China owes the usa money from old sovereign bonds that they had to pay out but never did! They claim that they owe the usa nothing because that was under a different government. That really should have no relevance at all! They are still the same country in the same spot they just changed government hands, so does that mean that every time we change hands In our presidency that our debt is automatically wiped clean? This is the mentality of china….They want to take everything but when someone calls them out on their nonsense, they want to claim a different story and not face the fact that what they did was wrong! China’s government has passed on their cowardly ways to their people too! The chinese people never admit when they make a mistake, they try to make it seem like it was your fault to begin with! Fillipino’s – don’t let china or their people push you around, stand your ground and defend your own country! China has no claim to the Phillipines at all!

  5. #5 by KABANKALAN ROTC on January 31, 2015 - 11:00 AM

    IN behalf with my buddies we are concern about our incentives our seniors sad that we are one who cannot avail with the incentives this year 2014-2015 but accidentally that we found that our names has been listed in PA Advance ROTC cadets cash incentives.. and ij the 5 semesters na poh kmi na hndi nakakatanggap ng allowances namin we are sacrificing our time and study in order to attend ROTC instructions every Saturday.. we are serving honestly pero meron talagang mga taong guma grab ng opportunity. we are not saying that we enter to become a reservist of the Phil. because of money but we want you to be fair with us as your juniors we do not want you to practice corruptions. we are only your children that money has a great help to our studies pro palagi kaming na bibigo na pupunta lng poh sa mga na may mas makapangyarihan samin. be pitty on as au your brothers and sister. We hoping na bigyan nyu poh ng justice at sagot ang aming mga hinaing.

  6. #6 by Anime naze on July 23, 2015 - 7:54 PM

    Before we go to war… think smart. Look at our defences. Still too weak… the fort drum should still be in use right now… and very useful… if it has ben upgraded and rebuilded. When you say ” lets go to war. Kick some chinese arse” you are far worse than them. Stay calm. Think smart. And last thing. THE PHILIPPINES SHOULD MAKE THEIR OWN WEAPONS! Other countries think that philippines is ( weak.dependent.lazy.corrupt) 😦

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