The Sad Truth About the Sabah Dispute

THIS IS gonna be the first time that i’ll be making my comment on this issue. First thing, I side with the President. Because first of all, we are not Barbarians and we live in the 21st Century. Disputes are not resolved thru force. It should always be diplomacy first. I am deeply sad that everyone was not siding with the President wherein fact, the President is just doing the right thing. PNoy is not going to back down our claim in Sabah, we are just doing the “lumalagay sa tama”. Do you really guys think that it is a good idea to send armed men to Sabah and retake it from Malaysia thru force? Is that really what you want? Do you want the President of the Philippines to be forced to bring our country into a war that could be resolved peacefully thru Diplomacy? Do you want to traumatize our children because of an avoidable war? Is that really what you want? Please think twice.

Please do not get me wrong about the Sabah issue, I want to get it back from the Malaysians. But not this way, not the wrong way. Ang sapilitan at armadong pag-bawi ba sa Sabah ang tuwid na daan? Even a Facebook group Admin said that “nahulog ata sa bangin ang sasakyan natin tungo sa tuwid na daan”. What kind of mentality is that? The President is just avoiding the catastrophe that happened yesterday! Look what happened, 10 Filipinos died on the recent clash. Those 10 Filipinos should still be alive by now if we did the right thing, which is thru the Diplomatic Channel. Now, think of the families and children of those who died because of this avoidable spat.

All that you need to do is to trust your Government, trust PNoy. Come on, its just Malaysia. We stood up against the Chinese and we put our trust in PNoy to resolve that and despite of our poorly-equipped Military, PNoy still maintained his ground. Now you are hating PNoy because of what is happening in Sabah? I am actually proud of him now because if Erap is our President, we would be on a senseless war with the Malaysians now, or probably with the Chinese too.

Let’s use the Diplomatic Channel. I know that we will surely win this case. We got all of the evidences that we need in case that we will face the United Nations. Those evidences are the annual “rent” of the Malaysians to the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo, and other old documents that are in the possession of the government and the Sultanate. We do need another armed conflict. No need for a Muslim-Filipino to die just because their leaders are stubborn and so falsely patriotic.

Aside from that, I am seeing so many negative comments about PNoy’s actions about the Sabah dispute.  I am deeply sad about their statements.  Do you really think that PNoy would back down to the Malaysians?  Hey, they are just the Malaysians?!  It is so sad how all of you forgot how tough is the stance of PNoy during our spat with the bigger-and-military-superpower China.  He stood against the Chinese, do you really think that he cannot do that to a smaller country like Malaysia?  I can assure you that it will be on his next agenda, but not now!  All of you who are saying bad things about PNoy, Cory and Ninoy and all of you who are saying that you are anti-Communists, look at your statements and read them again.  Dont you sound like a Communist already?  Were you saying those statements when PNoy is defending our soverignty against the People’s Republic of China?  May we also know your next statement when the 2 brand-new frigates that the PNoy Administration will buy for the AFP arrives, because we want to know if you will still continue to bash PNoy.  Would you still continue to say those words if I remind you that the acquisition of the KAI FA-50 Golden Eagle from South Korea was already approved, signed, and soon to arrive?

Again, please think twice.  Before you say bad things about the current administration, also think of the good things that he has done for this country.  When the Philippine Stock Exchange and our Economy soared high, when the FA-50 Deal was signed, all of you were quiet like Owls.  Now that there is a situation like this, all of you is like a Machine Gun that never stops firing criticism again the current Administration.  Fcking bias people, a very bad attitude of some of us Filipinos.  I think we really have to change that.


I apologize if this current blog is not that organized and doesnt contain any images.  This was just my take on the current happenings, this is not really about the AFP Modernization. 

Please respect this post. If you disagree on some of my views, please make a “professional and civilized” comment on the comments section, and I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.  Let’s be open-minded and refrain from bashing the blog and the other followers.  Remember, the Philippines is a democratic country.  You respect my post, I’ll respect yours too.


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  1. #1 by Neil on March 2, 2013 - 5:14 PM

    I agreed to you peeps… I think its just a human instinct to fight back.. What you said is the best thing to do..the only problem is that they fired first maybe using sniper to kill 10 Filipino..

    • #2 by romaragregado on March 2, 2013 - 11:37 PM

      Thank you very much for your very civilized comment. I hope that others would also do the same thing.

  2. #3 by Celso Manalac on March 5, 2013 - 3:47 PM

    I think that the negative reactions against the Pnoy DO NOT mean siding with Kiram and his group in the way they are carrying out the Sabah claim. Actually, many are unhappy about how Pnoy handles/handled the crisis. He is not a charismatic leader. Instead of being able to entice Kiram and his group to go home, Pnoy has been rather careless by declaring that the group will “face charges”. This has further provoked the group and heightened their anger. Pnoy could have more intelligently handled the situation. He appeared pro-Malaysia and anti-Filipino (Muslim). I admire Pnoy’s political will, but, he is tactless and careless, sometimes.

    • #4 by romaragregado on March 6, 2013 - 4:21 PM

      I understand your point Celso. Though, it is stated in the 1987 Philippine Constitution that the only Armed Force in this country would only be the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). That alone is a reason why PNoy wants the Kirams to face charges as they acted on their own. Don’t they think that if they asked the Government and the Filipino people properly to support them in peacefully claiming Sabah, they would be able to get the full support of the country? Do they really think that their fellow Filipinos will abandon them if what they are fighting for is right? Because I, myself, will support them. Again, I want us to reclaim Sabah and I think all of us do. The only wrong thing here is the “method” that was chosen by the Sultanate of Sulu. The method they chose, for me, is unlawful, uncivilized, and a barbaric way of solving disputes.

      Aside from that, Filipinos will look like the aggressors in this stand-off, and I think it will be hard for us now to get the International Support that we need for us to reinforce our claim in Sabah. Because for you to get the International Community’s support, sadly, you need to be the one who was attacked, not the attacker/aggressor.

      Let me clarify again, I want us to reclaim Sabah. But I denounce the chosen way by the Sultanate of Sulu to reclaim the said territory. About PNoy filing charges against who is responsible, I think it’s right, because people who are involved here obviously violated many provision in our 1987 Constitution which is our Supreme Law and should be followed by anyone whether you are a Christian or a Muslim.

  3. #5 by Alikabok Ni Procopio on March 22, 2013 - 3:58 AM

    I think PNoy made the right decision. His intended actions with the Kiram family is justified when he told the news the self-crowned prince along with his family members and royal army soldiers involved in the tension must face charges.

    Reasons are simple. The Kiram family acted on their own belief, sending those poor boys to their death just so the world will know that they still own Sabah and would retake it at all costs at the expense of possible unexpected war with Philippines nearest neighbor.

    I hated those netizens who keep on saying that PNoy acted like his pro-Malaysian and sided with them. They just dont know the truth or how tough it is for a president to negotiate with a country who is killing his country men – who just acted in obedience from a “self-fish” self-crowned sultan. The tough job that PNoy took when he posed as a mediator (for the sake of peace) to both parties that were in reality – “enemies” of the Philippines… Malaysia who took Sabah and allowed Filipino Rebel Muslims to be trained in their lands during the Mindanao war, and the Kiram Family who also sided with the rebels during the same war… PNoy knew that such tensions, when escalated to full war will devastate the Philippine economy. Didnt he just pulled the economy back online and Philippines is now the fastest growing economy in Asia? He did what other presidents failed to do for the past decades.

    These netizens should be ashamed of themselves or likely they are just ignorant and wanted to stay like that.

    To romaragregado: I believe you are correct on your comment on this topic. Your views are likely as mine. I also like your posts about the AFP modernization. They are simple to absorb and very informative. 🙂

  4. #6 by erw on April 9, 2013 - 5:36 PM

    it’s normal that their would be a reactions from it’s people to the Government specially the head of the state, but the government has maintained the diplomacy to its neighbor country, we have a legal process to achieve that plan ..this is fact that war has no good result to mankind..i believe that Pnoy administration has done well..those people who were intended to destruct the President were the idiot of wicked .transgressor of peace!

  5. #7 by all uten on October 21, 2013 - 5:14 AM

    Para kayong mga babaeng magaling lang pumutak mga buset kayo

  6. #8 by Pepito on November 28, 2014 - 5:48 AM

    There were many good points why President Aquino did not act against the Malaysian govt. during that crises. (1) The Philippines still on territorial problems against China. (2) He did exactly the right thing to do, “DAMAGE CONTROL” before it escalates into uncontrolled situation.(3) We cannot afford to provoked Malaysia at this time. (4) Not the right time to do that. Settle one problem after the other. (5) Our capacity to do armed confrontation against Malaysia is not 100% capable at this time. Remember, Malaysia comprised two main big island and populations and you are facing a semi modernized military in the region (6) After China, we can re open this case at the United Nation World Court like what we did on China. (7) On going Peace Initiative in Southern Mindanao Muslim Region (Bangsa Moro Autonomy).We need support from Malaysia to be successful in this peace initiative.

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