About the Author


THE AUTHOR has been an avid fan and researcher of defense-related articles for almost 5 years.

He started researching about Aviation last December 2007. He became so interested in the Aviation industry and its Airplanes, and then became so intrigued how great is the technology that a Military Airplane has.  He then researched how Airplanes were built and used as a War-fighting Machine, and eventually researched about the Armed Forces of most of the major countries in the whole world.

After researching about the Armed Forces of different countries, he realized how the Armed Forces of the Philippines is poorly-equipped in terms of “Force Projection Assets” such as High-powered Firearms, Protection Equipments like Vests, Warplanes, Warships, and Battle Tanks.  He told himself that he should make the most of his “Freedom of Speech” by making a blog that showcases the Defense-related issues of the Republic of the Philippines.

Maybe by doing this, he might be able to help the Armed Forces and the Government to win the support of the entire nation on building a credible internal and external Defense.
(The author has removed his picture and his name for security purposes.)

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